row house

This dutch 1950’s row house is redesigned with no big changes to the construction, only with the intention to open up the spaces I created clean white walls and transparent doors with glass. By recoloring the existing wooden floor on the ground floor we keep some old parts to re-use the comforts of the original house. By customizing standard furniture and kitchen cabinets we could get the focus on design details and keep the project in budget. In the master bedroom I designed a custom wall cabinet made by dutch carpenter Wessel. Because of the small dimensions of the room, the cabinet is made very open with no legs, an open inner space and al the electronic parts out of sight. By repositioning all the electronic points in the walls this house feels very modern and has the luxury of simple functions at the right place. In my projects light and space are important element, the decoration with beautiful art and objects gives the owner a personal home.

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