arwin’s ontwerp is the dutch design company from Arwin Caljouw

after graduation from the design academy in eindhoven arwin started his own design practise. his work is about essential and simple design. trying to shape space, function and material the projects show a stuning simplicity all worked out to the detail.

‘I hate it when something is made without the ambition to make it special. Always try to look ¬†from a personal perspective, for me it is to make only the essentials visible. In the workfield of interiors there is a lot of standard building supplies as doors and windows that break my heart, the efficiency is way to commercialised. No more love for material or a simple function as a border for spaces, for me there is a big challenge to educate the consumer to make comfortable disisions’

fields of work are customised interior design, furniture design, product design, packaging design and graphic design